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Reason 1:
We have a professional team of staff who has been carefully selected and highly trained both locally and overseas including UK & Singapore. They will deal with your concerns and queries with honest answers. You will not experience any hard sell or cold-calling from our staff. We are proud to have an ethical & medical approach to eye surgery and NOT a commercial approach. Remember, your vision is our mission.

Reason 2:
We have a stringent patient selection and each patient has to undergo extensive testing to ensure that the patient can undergo the LASIK procedure safely and successfully. We will not hesitate to reject anyone if he or she is NOT A SUITABLE CANDIDATE. The doctor will only proceed with the LASIK or any other surgery when he can be sure that he can obtain optimum results for the patient. Remember, we have gained the confidence of our patients through their trust in us.

Reason 3:
We believe that everyone should have access to high quality eye care which is affordable. As such, we have arranged financing facilities with several reputable banks and financial institutions for the convenience of all our clients at an amazing 0% interest-free payment scheme. There are NO interest & NO hidden charges. Remember, our commitment is to provide you the best value LASIK surgery at the MOST AFFORDABLE price.

Reason 4:
Our patients come from all over the world, from as far as the USA, UK, Europe, China, Middle East, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia. How do they know about us? Word of mouth is stronger than any advertisement in the newspaper or magazine. We do NOT boast that we are the first, the latest or the best - this is against the rules of medical ethics. Our philosophy is that YOU ARE OUR BEST ADVERTISEMENT. Remember, advertising is against medical ethics. Our patients are our BEST ADVERTISEMENT.

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