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Normally patients can see immediately after the LASIK treatment, however the vision is not very clear. Patients are required to rest more, advisable to go home and sleep for awhile. No active activity or reading or watching TV for the first day.

The vision normally will be clear the next morning. Most patients are able to drive and work or study. However some patients may experience "halo" and/or "glare" around headlights and streetlights at night. You may experience some fluctuations in vision temporarily but will be stabilize with time.

90% of the patients can reach the expected result within the first week. Some patients may have to take longer period as various by individual.


Patients are required to apply eye drops as following :-

Artificial Tears Eyedrops
These eye drops are to alleviate discomfort and to promote healing.

Antibiotic Eyedrops
Antibiotic eye drops to prevent any eye infection after treatment.


Go home and try to sleep for
several hours after treatment
No swimming or marine sport for 1 month
Wear eye shields while sleeping
for the 1st night
Do not rub your eyes for 1 week
Shower with your eyes closed for
the first two days
No hot tubs or saunas for 1 week
Use only clean washcloth around
your face and eyes
Do not wash your face of hair for the first day
Wear sunglasses outside Avoid certain foods that may cause allergy
(especially seafood like prawn, crab and squid)


Common temporary side-effects experience by some patients after LASIK surgery includes:

Fluctuation of vision during the day and from day to day for about one month.
Dry eyes which happen temporary after LASIK that may last from one to three months.
Glare and halos around lights at night or dim places for some cases. Glare and halos usually
will improve with time but for some patients it may last up to 6-8 months.


Patients are required to come back to have their post
LASIk check-up as scheduled.
It is important to attend the check-up to ensure smooth healing.

Normally the follow up is scheduled as 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months.

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