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What is Cataract?
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What is Cataract?

In our eye, there is a lens which works like the lens in a camera to focus images we see onto the retina (like the film in the camera). This lens is clear when we are young but starts to cloud after the age of 50 years. This clouding is called a cataract and causes blurred vision like looking through a frosted glass.

What causes Cataract

The most common cause of cataract is due to old age usually from the age of 50 years*. Other causes of cataracts are eye injuries, intake of certain medications such as steroids and diseases such as diabetes mellitus. Sometimes it may be present at birth or inherited as a genetic defect.

Measured prevalence of cataract based on data from the Framingham Eye Study*

How does Cataract affect your sight?

Cataracts result in blurred or clouded vision, washed out colour perception and being dazzled by bright lights (such as car headlamps or bright sunlight). The reduction in vision can be measured from the Snellen vision chart. It can also result in a loss of depth perception and causing problems going down stairs. These symptoms worsen with the progression of the cataract and cannot be treated with medication or vitamins. Even changing the spectacles will not improve the vision.

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