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AMO Sovereign® Phacoemulsification Machine is the only phacoemulsification system with patented WhiteStar™ technology, which allows for safer removal of any types of cataract through the smallest possible incisions using little or no ultrasound.

Our latest WhiteStar™ ICE (Increased Control Efficiency) "Cold Phaco" technology, makes cataract surgery even safer and faster by maximizing ultrasound energy efficiency and providing increased surgical control on the eye anterior chamber environment through CASE (ChAmber Stabilizing Environment) technology. This allows cataract fragments to be sucked out easily due to its magnetic followability.

Magnetic Followability

WhiteStar™ ICE technology increases efficiency of cataract removal with magnetic followability. This significantly reduces the ping-pong effect associated with conventional phaco and hot water-jet technologies.
In addition, the WhiteStar™ ICE (Increased Control Efficiency) technology has a unique feature of giving a 'phaco-punch' allowing extra hard cataracts to be removed when normally, the cataract would have to be removed by manual extraction.
'Cold Phaco' is better?

In standard phaco and bimanual microphaco, SOVEREIGN® with WHITESTAR™ achieves clinically documented reductions in heat that have not been matched by other phaco technology in vivo. (Source: Roger Steinert, MD)

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