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The procedure, called Phacoemulsification (dissolving the cataract in latin) uses ultrasonic energy to emulsify (or dissolve) the cataract for removal through a phaco probe

Step 1 :
A very small 'No Stitch' incision (2.75 mm) is made on the side of the cornea.
Why use small wounds?
Because smaller wounds heal faster with less restrictions after surgery.

Step 2 :
The probe is inserted through this incision into the eye to break up the cataract into smaller fragments by using ultrasonic energy. AMO SOVEREIGN® WHITESTAR™ ICE unique software ensures the energy is 'cold' so that there is no danger to the surrounding tissue. These fragments are then removed by using a suction device within the probe.

Step 3 :
A small 'foldable' intraocular lens (IOL) is implanted into the eye to replace the cataract lens.
Why do we need to implant an IOL?
This IOL helps the patient to focus without spectacles and do the work of the old natural lens.
Which IOL?
The choice of IOL depends on the patient's visual requirements and surgeon's recommendation.

Step 4 :
The IOL is position at the same location as the natural lens within the lens capsule. The wound does not require any stitches as it is self healing, although sometimes the surgeon may need to use them when the cataract is too hard.

Typically the procedure takes less than 15 minutes and is done on a daycare basis, under local anesthesia, so you can go home the same day after a little rest. Although cataracts usually develop simultaneously in both eyes, your surgeon will operate on one eye and allow it to heal (around 1-2 weeks) before operating on the other cataract.

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